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The Best Resource for Growing Your Practice

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I’ve found the best resource to grow your practice, ever.

I’ve mentioned Brooke Thomas before.  She struggled for 3 years as a Rolfing practitioner.  Every mistake you’ve made, Brooke probably made it too.  Or worse.

Three months after she figured out how to market her practice, she had a months long waiting list.

It wasn’t an accident.  She’s done it more than once.  The last time she moved to a new area, and was backlogged for months before she even opened her doors.

I’d say that Brooke knows her stuff.  And she’s one of those shiny people you know if you met them, you’d be great friends with them.

Brooke created the “Practice Abundance Course” to help any holistic, alternative or complementary practitioner figure out how to get new patients.  It the most thorough resource I’ve found, and I’ve paid thousands investigating everything that might work.

Anything I’ve paid, Brooke probably paid more.  She’s a marketing junkie so you don’t have to be.  She also is a results junkie – I can see how she’s eliminated the stuff that DOESN’T work.  She’s also brought in many other experts to contribute their own material.  Looks to me like no expense or effort was spared to put together the best resource possible.

And she also has an online forum as a resource to offer encouragement and support.

The crazy thing is, she’s opened her course to everyone – and you get to choose what you’ll pay.  You decide what it’s worth to you, and/or what you can afford.  Brooke is using the honor system.  (This is a lot like the community acupuncture model.)

Maybe you’re struggling – or not.  If you don’t reliably have new patients coming in and a full backlog, I really recommend checking Brooke out.

If you do take advantage of her course and her price, please be fair to Brooke… and yourself.  Remember this is an investment.  Plan on making back what you paid for the course, many times over – and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have more than enough patients.  You can’t put a price on that.

Check out the Practice Abundance Course here.  Or if you’re not interested in the course at the moment, get her Practice Building 101 book for free and make sure you’re not missing something in your own efforts to get patients.

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  • 1 brooke thomas // Nov 6, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    Hi Burton,

    Thanks so much for your very sweet and thoughtful recommendation- and for also doing the work of helping holistic health practitioners to thrive!!