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Talking About Your New “Toy”


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My son Brady has a yo-yo.  It’s a nice butterfly yo-yo, and he can’t put it down.  I even took him to the library and tricked him into using the catalog for the first time to find a yo-yo book to learn new tricks.  He was so excited he forgot he didn’t know how to use it.

Brady keeps talking about his tricks and wanting to show them off.   “Dad!  Daadddd!!!  Watch this!” It’s not enough to show me Cats Cradle, UFO, Walk the Dog, Loop the Loop, he has to talk a blue streak about it too.

I even hid the yo-you from him for a month when it was getting out of hand.  He was using it while getting ready to go out, getting ready for bed, even tying his shoes!  Too much.

Funny thing is, the New Toy Syndrome applies even worse to grown-ups.  Even the best, high powered salespeople and companies with million dollar marketing budgets have it happen.  What happens is a company will introduce a great new product with expensive advertising and a huge sales push.

And often it flops.

Makes no sense, until you realize that these salespeople are talking about their new “toy” nonstop.  The customers just aren’t actually interested in the toy – they’re interested in what the toy can do for them.  So it works out that the new and improved gizmo starts to sell well only after the initial excitement dies down.

Fact is, the customer isn’t interested unless they see exactly how it’s going to help them.  So the sales force only starts succeeding when they stop talking up the toy, and start talking TO the customer.

Many acupuncturists are the same way.  Especially the new ones.  They are so excited about their healing art that they just won’t stop talking about it.  (Can’t blame them, you do have to admit Oriental medicine is pretty cool.)

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from a new acupuncturist.  In Never Market Again, I explain how your marketing should be like a slippery slope leading people in the front door of your clinic to become your patient.  She said that “I was reading about the slippery slope which just made me laugh, because I think my slope is actually going out of my office instead of in.

I think you already know what I’m getting at.

She’s almost certainly talking too much about her new toy, and not enough about the patient.

I don’t even have to ask.

Now we both agree, Acupuncture is amazing.  Right?  Just remember, new people just don’t get it yet.   They’re worried about their own problems.  That’s exactly what they walk in your door looking to have handled, so why talk about anything else?

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel free to talk about your toy, your art, your passion.  That excitement come across and be infectious.  It WILL sell people on being your patient.

But only if you listen first!  You must be able to explain just how acupuncture relates to your patient’s problems.  In a way that they can understand.  Then they’ll get that acupuncture is really awesome.

And they’ll start referring.

Like crazy.

I promise.

Everyone what walks in your door is potentially your biggest fan… and unpaid salesperson.  Just be careful how you reveal your “toy,” and you’ll be fine.

Now, can I talk a little bit about my “toy”?  I wrote Never Market Again, and it’s about getting new patients through word of mouth.  It’s incredibly effective.  Super easy.  And a lot of fun.

People LIKE talking about interesting things.  And they like helping other people.  Acupuncture is both interesting and a huge help.  So you’ve got it made – your existing patients will bring you new patients.  Then those new patients bring more new patients.  And on and on.

It’s not unusual for me to hear from acupuncturists doubling their practice within months.  Then doing it again before a year is up.  I believe if you put your mind to it, all it will take to double your practice now is 4-5 months.

Aren’t new toys great?  Check it out.

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