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How Do You Stand Out?


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I just wrote about how domain names (web addresses like and are commodity products, so there’s no reason to pay more than the minimum.

Unfortunately, if you don’t stand out, people will try to pay YOU the minimum. Everyone can compete on price, and try making up for the lower price by selling more. It’s a horrible way to make a living.

So how can you stand out? Here’s a few ways:

I’ve already written about this, but specialization almost always justifies a higher price and commands more respect. The only downside is if you’re excluding too many patients who aren’t seeking your specialization – especially if you live in a sparsely populated area.

Your Message.
A message that resonates with people gets attention. It could be as simple as giving a talk at an organic grocery store, and saying “If you’re buying organic food, why wouldn’t you want organic medicine?” There’s always a way to make people think. Find it.

Patient Experience
Pay attention to all parts of your patient’s experience. Paying attention to small details makes people think. Dan Clements at Alternative Health talks about doing this with quarters.

Have an Enemy
Controversy gets attention. Having a shared enemy bonds you with your patients. Many patients try acupuncture after being severely disappointed with the Western model of medicine. Why not explain just why they were disappointed by drug therapies and surgery?

I know quite a few acupuncturists that succeed mainly through their force of personality. Some are people persons. Some are not. But all of them convey excellence and that the patient is in good hands.

How do you stand out?

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