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“The Faucet”

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“The Faucet” is a companion to the manual Never Market Again. It answers the question “What are the best and most cost effective ways to market and advertise my clinic?

If patients are like water, then the word-of-mouth methods of Never Market Again are like a natural spring flowing into your clinic. Until your word-of-mouth is perfected, using the methods in “The Faucet” is almost as good. It just takes a little more work to set up. Far too many marketing methods and systems use “Buckets”, which as the name implies, require a lot of work to use.

Here’s what you’ll learn in “The Faucet”:

  • How to make your website 10x more effective. People may visit your website once or twice, but then they’re gone forever. Here’s how to make them come back. Starts on page 9.
  • An automatic way to educate patients online. You set it up once, but patients experience it as an ongoing, educational discussion. Set it up now, and reach new patients 3 months, or even 3 years from now. It literally works on autopilot. Page 11.
  • How to calculate the lifetime value of a patient. This provides an easy benchmark to know what marketing or advertising is paying for itself. If it’s NOT paying for itself – you’re losing money, and paying for the privilege. Page 24.
  • Your base of past patients is a huge asset, if they’re active. If they’re not active – they won’t help at all with your clinic success. Here’s how to reactivate patients, and keep all patients active. Page 18.
  • If you had an emergency and were out for a few months, would your patients be there when you got back? Job security for practitioners explained on page 18. Also explained: how to deal with any kind of change in your clinic (such as moves, changes of ownership or practitioners) – with minimal disruptions.
  • The evil think yellow pages salespeople will offer you. They’ll turn around and use what you paid for to get your competition to place better ads that get more attention than yours. The top of page 22 explains how devious this is.
  • There’s more than one “yellow pages”, and the sales people at all but one will lie to you – page 21 explains. Maybe it’s a lie of omission, but you need to know what to ask the sales person. You also need to know what to ask people who found you in the yellow pages. See page 22 for a simple, ingenious question.
  • Want to stay in touch using email? People read much differently online than offline – here’s what you need to know. Pages 14-15.
  • A common scam costing hundreds of dollars that “promises” you visitors but is almost always a let-down. Page 6. How you can spend an hour surfing the web and get nearly the same results for free. See pages 7-8.
  • What makes a yellow page ad most effective. Size does matter, but so do other things. There are even some almost unfair ways to compete. Page 22 explains.
  • People looking through the yellow pages aren’t reading for fun or to find out how the story turns out. They’re looking for a solution to their problem – to spend money. The same goes for online searches. Here’s the best, most reliable way to grab all those targeted searchers for yourself. Pages 16-17.
  • What to put on your website and why. Pages 3-5. Give the new patient “practice” seeing you, so they’re ready, explained on page 4.
  • The best website system I’ve found. Most webmasters/designers will charge you for every little change you make. This system allows you to edit your own website as easily as sending an email or typing a document. Page 6.

None of these marketing methods are complicated. Once they’re set up, it’s like having a stream of patients on tap. “The Faucet” is normally sold as a bonus with the manual Never Market Again, but you can buy it separately for $19.

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Burton Kent

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