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In This 10 Question Quiz...

You can find out which of these problems your clinic has, and what to do about them.

Just one new patient from what you learn will make it worth your time. I'm offering this because I want you to succeed, whether you're a client or not.


1) Some problems I've had with marketing include: (select all that apply)
Please select at least one.
Please enter other.
I know I need to market my clinic, but I'm not sure what will give me the best results.
Advertising has been a waste of money for me. I spent $$ on it (newspaper ads/flyers/other) and had few (or no) calls.
Many of my patients don't come back.
I've tried ________ and it didn't work.
I don't like marketing or selling. It makes me feel pushy and imposing. (TCM is so effective it should sell itself anyway.)
I don't have any problems. My marketing works for me.
2) What seems to work best for me is: (select all that apply)
Please select at least one.
Please enter other.
Referrals from existing patients.
Yellow pages.
Walk ins.
Paid advertising (in newspapers, local magazines, "money mailers/val packs", etc.)
Giving presentations/talks.
My website.
Do you know how many patients come from each source?
Please select one.
Not exactly.
3) Do you know who your ideal or typical patient is?
Please select one.
Yes, I have a profile or a few profiles of patients with a lot in common.
I have a few groups of patients that seem similar, but they don't make a big difference to my overall practice.
My ideal patient is anyone who walks through my door.
4) How much do you listen to patients, especially during the initial consultation?
Please select one.
They do most of the talking and I listen.
I do most of the talking, and they listen.
I listen about as much as I talk.
5) How do you ask for referrals?
Please select one.
Please enter other.
I'm shy and don't want to impose. I rarely ask for referrals, usually only if the patient brings it up.
I ask for referrals and give them my card.
I have a specific referral strategy/system.
6) How often do you keep in touch with current or recent patients if they're not coming in to see you?
Please select one.
Once a month or more.
Once every few months.
Once or twice a year.
I don't stay in touch. My patients contact me when they need me.
7) How do you handle new calls or walk-in requests for information? (select all that apply)
Please select at least one.
Please enter other.
I (or my receptionist) answers their questions.
I find out what their presenting problem is, and discuss how acupuncture can treat it.
I try to set an appointment for an initial consultation and treatment.
I get their address and send them an information packet, or give them an information packet if they're a walk-in.
8) Your promotional materials talk mostly about: (select all that apply)
Please select at least one.
Please enter other.
Acupuncture, herbs and TCM.
The conditions that acupuncture treats.
Exactly how acupuncture may work on their specific situation.
9) How committed are patients to following through with their treatment plan?
Please select one.
Very committed, most continue until finished.
Somewhat committed. Some finish their treatment plan, some drop as soon as they see relief. Some stop if they don't see immediate relief.
What commitment?
10) What is your biggest question about marketing acupuncture?
Please think of a question.